We are one of scandinavian leading suppliers of cathodic protection systems in the energy industry

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Tekimet Oy protects your structures reliably and professionally against corrosion. By protecting your structures you can prolong the lifespan, maintain them less and save money. We have many products for supplying comprehensive corrosion protection systems for many applications. All the way from gas pipes to harbours.

Cathodic protection

Metal structures need to be protected against corrosion and the best solution is often cathodic protection. Our solutions are always tailored to suit the needs of a specific location and customer demands.

Pin brazing

We also supply Bright Bond pin brazing equipment for galvanic welding. The battery powered equipment is easy to carry and it generates very little heat to the structures.

C.I.P.S surface measurements

Close Interval Potential Survey method is used when the surface coating of a subterranean structure needs to be maintained. The measurement can determine the condition of the surface without making any expensive excavations.


Concrete structures need protection as well. By realkalisation you can significantly increase the lifespan of bridges and other concrete structures.

Tekimet Oy

Cathodic corrosion prevention with decades of experience

Tekimet Ltd is founded in 1989 and is specialized in corrosion prevention. We provide our customers with comprehensive electrical corrosion prevention systems that improve the lifespan of structures significantly. We also provide zinc anodes for passive protection systems as well as design the amounts and the type of anode to be used. Our services also include Brightbond® pin-brazing equipment, spare parts and maintenance.


We offer many different kinds of corrosion preventing products such as potentiostatic power sources and sacrificial anodes. Our solutions are always made to fit the needs of the customer and the location that needs to be protected. We also provide spare parts for existing solutions. Send us an email or call and we can tell you more.

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