Tekimet Oy

Cathodic corrosion prevention with decades of experience

Tekimet Ltd is founded in 1989 and is specialized in corrosion prevention. We provide our customers with comprehensive electrical corrosion prevention systems that improve the lifespan of structures significantly. We also provide zinc anodes for passive protection systems as well as design the amounts and the type of anode to be used. Our services also include Brightbond® pin-brazing equipment, spare parts and maintenance.

We have specialized in electrochemical corrosion prevention methods and we supply them to many different industrial areas such as power plants, gas companies, oil refineries, harbors, docks, cities and railroads.

We also conduct measurements to check the coatings and surfaces of underground pipelines and tanks with a measurement method that we have developed ourselves.

Our protection systems include power supply units that have been designed and manufactured to withstand the northern climate. The power supplies monitor and maintain the corrosion protection system so it stays optimal even when the environment changes.

We also closely cooperate with BAC Corrosion Control A/S (Denmark) and the BAC Corrosion Control Ltd (United Kingdom).