Cathodic protection

Cathodic protection systems are designed and constructed according to each customer´s specific requirements. The systems are used for example in, oil- and waterpipes as well as natural gaslines.Most common places where cathodic protection is used are harbours, docks, ships and different kinds of industrial and municipal applications.

The protection system consists of a power supply unit, reference electrodes and anodes. The potentiostatic power supply reads the state of the protection system from the reference electrode and keeps the system at optimal level by feeding electricity to the anodes. Corrosion is slowed down significantly lowering maintenance costs.

We also supply sacrificial zinc, aluminum and magnesium anodes for different applications. We design comprehensive solutions for the customer’s location from the quantity and types of the anodes all the way to the introduction of the system.

Pin Brazing equipment

When the structure consists of several parts for example a railroad track or a pipeline the parts must be galvanically connected. With Bright Bond pin brazing equipment it can be done very easily and fast. The brazing is done with a battery powered pistol that does not generate a lot of heat, is easy to carry and very easy to use. We maintain and supply all the necessary equipment and spare parts.

C.I.P.S coating measurement

Close Interval Potential Survey is a measuring method that measures the condition of the coating of a subterranean structure (for example a pipeline or a tank) without the need of expensive excavations. The system measures the protective current of the cathodic protection system in the structure as well as the potentials when the protection system is on and off. With the aid of a GPS-signal the measurements are precise and a detailed report can be made for the whole length of the structure. If the structure does not have a cathodic protection system in place a temporary protection system will be made for the measurements.

C.I.P.S measurements is a method that prevents damages in underground structures in a cost effective and easy way because there is no need for digging.


Because concrete structures are also vulnerable to corrosion they need protection. The corrosion in the steel structures of the concrete can be protected by realkalisation. The method stops corrosion almost completely improving the lifespan and is widely used in bridges and other large uniform concrete structures. The treatment takes usually between one to two weeks.

Cathodic protection power supply units

We manufacture different kinds of cathodic protection power supply units.

3045PLC represents the latest development. It can be equipped with web server which makes it possible to monitor and control a CP system anywhere via internet connection. Power supply units can have up to tens of separately controlled output circuits. Power supply input/output range and functions can be adjusted to customer needs.